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2022 CSRG Board of Directors Election


Nov 17, 2021 - Dec 1, 2021

Welcome to the CSRG election for members of the 2022 Board of Directors.

Directors serve for a two year term.

Current directors whose term expires at the end of 2021 are: Jon Norman, Steve Torp, Dan Wardman, and Ethan Shippert.  Wardman is running for another term.  Torp has come to the end of his term.  Norman & Shippert are not running for another term.

Current directors Locke de Bretteville, Scott Brown, and Ed Lamantia have another year in their present terms.

Please vote for FOUR (4) of the five candidates. You can vote for fewer than four, but if you vote for more than four, your ballot will not be counted.

The five candidate's statements on why they seek your vote are shown below, in alphabetical order. If you have any questions about a candidate, please don't hesitate to e-mail them directly. If you have any questions about the election, please e-mail Geoff Pitts,



John Buddenbaum -
Locke approached me at the awards dinner and suggested that I might consider running for the board. The timing was good. I’ve been with CSRG for a long time and have been thinking it’s time for me to volunteer some of my time and give back to this great club. I honestly was thinking more along the lines of being involved with tech, but I am flattered and honored to be considered for the board. I like the current direction of CSRG. The FF group is a great strength of the club. The growing popularity of the Morton Cup, group 8 cars, is exciting. I am also “old school” and believe in the original philosophy of the club. A place to have fun with our old cars in a more relaxed atmosphere, no championships, no trophies. I feel CSRG has done a good job through the years of keeping the original philosophy of the club strong, while also changing with the times. I would like to help us keep going strong as a club. -John 

Rob Fuller -
My name is Rob Fuller and I have been obsessed with Vintage Datsuns for over 25 years! 

I am the owner / operator  of Z Car Garage Inc in San Jose, CA. We are a full service performance shop for 1970 to present Datsun / Nissan / Infiniti Sport cars. 

When I am not running my small business I try to make it out to the race track any chance I can get; either to offer my  customers track support  or attend and drive events. I love the smell of race fuel in the morning! 

I currently race full time in the SCCA in two different classes, and race vintage with CSRG, SVRA, and HMSA.
 I have a Datsun 510 B sedan and a Vintage Spec Miata. 

If I am elected my goals while working with the board will be the following: 
- Make sure drivers remain safe to keep CSRG events fun and free of incidents.
- Increase the attendance of a younger membership at our events to keep the passion for vintage racing alive for generations to come.
- Increase the number of entrants at each event, including Thunder Hill Raceway.
- Help promote the CSRG membership as well as help bring more spectators. 
- Help grow the John Morton Cup and Vintage Spec Miata groups 
- Act as a guide for new members to make sure they have the best experience they can while racing with CSRG.

I humbly ask for you for your vote. 

Thank you 

Ed Lauber -

Fellow CSRG racers my name is Ed Lauber and I'm asking for your vote for the CSRG board.  I currently race a 1969 Titan Mk5 in group 6 and prior to that I raced my 1967 Alfa Giulia Super in group 2.  I've enjoyed racing with CSRG for over 12 years and have appreciated all that CSRG and its members do to make our race weekends possible. 

I'd like to give back by joining the board and helping insure the future of the great racing and camaraderie that this organization provides for all its members.  The people are what makes this organization special and my focus on the board would be to make sure that members have a voice and can share concerns and ideas.  

Dan Wardman - 
Fellow club members,   

     2021 was my  28th season racing with CSRG.  It was also my 5th year on the board.  I have enjoyed my time on the board.   My enthusiasm for the club of which I have been a member for all these years has  only grown.  I would like to continue my service to the club via participation on the board.   I have been able to participate in decision making, work on car submissions, and generally represent the interests of small bore production racers .    I hope to continue in that role and ask for your vote.  I believe that CSRG is really a club that must serve the needs and desires of its members and I will stay focused on those needs as a board member. Thank you.

Dave Zurlinden -
As an active, still-racing CSRG member since 2003, I have enjoyed both the racing and the comradery of our club for these many years, while being a racing member of SCCA and other clubs since 1989.  After a few years of CSRG racing in the super-fun Crossflow Cup for FF’s, I’ve more recently been racing my Ralt RT31 Formula 3 with Group 7, since late 2019.  Have raced many other open and closed-wheel cars in CSRG and with other groups including HMSA, VSCDA, VARA, SOVREN, PCA, even NASA (!).  With all this participation with many clubs over 32+ years now, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the needs-to-improve-a-lot in many clubs and race events, and can bring that experience to help guide our fantastic club, CSRG.

In the world of motorsports in general, and in vintage racing specifically, CSRG is a very rare, special, and unique club that provides all of us a fantastic venue to enjoy both our cars and our comradery.  We need to keep the club that way, and if elected to the Board, I will do my best to work with the other Board members and ALL members to make sure that happens.  Our unusually high standards for car originality, presentation, and period-correctness are what make our events so great, and so much fun.  Our driving and racing standards are equally high, and those, too, must continue to be respected, maintained, and enforced.  As a Board member, I will be committed to maintaining and improving all of those standards where necessary or possible.

I also greatly respect all the work our past and current BoD’s have done to keep our club financially solid and healthy, especially during the drastic year of 2020.  Their work has been truly amazing, and as a new Board member, I will do all possible to ensure that fiscal responsibility continues.

Thanks very much, will appreciate your vote! 




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